Monday, November 22, 2010

Should I Change My Hair Color?!

Hey everyone! First off, sorry for not blogging more! I am officially the worlds worst blogger because of my lack of updates. Go ahead, shun me now! Anyways, I was just on twitter and wrote:

"so i'm having a crazy moment right now and really want to change my hair color! not too drastic... just a little lighter with a red hue."
"do you think i'm out of my mind? cause i kinda do.. but i still wanna do it! maybe i should sleep on it? LOL"

This sparked over 100 @replies in seconds and I decided you all are the best people for me to talk to about this! In the end.. it's just hair. I can always change it if I don't like it. I only live once and have always been kind of fascinated by the thought of changing my hair color. I've had really dark brown (almost black) hair before, and I've gone a little lighter than my natural color as well. I've never had the urge to go blonde, tho. Maybe it's cause Elle is such a gorgeous blonde and I'm scared I would look like a mousy blonde (I also like being a little different from her) or maybe it's cause I just don't think my face could handle blonde. Either way, I don't really want to test it out.

I've toyed with the thought of red hair since I was 7 and got a barbie doll with dark brown hair, but it had a slight red hue in it. Seeing as I had dark brown hair, I took it as a sign that I needed some red in mine. My mom, however, didn't take it as a sign and said no. I haven't really thought about it since then.

Today I was lying around looking at pictures from last nights AMA's and (again) fell in love with Miley Cyrus's hair. Now her color from last night is not what I'm looking to do to my own head, but I was so intrigued by the way she's always changing her hair. Almost as if it's another accessory. I love it and wish I had the guts to do that! Well, I think I might have worked up some guts, cause here's what I'm thinking....

1) I'm getting my extensions taken out soon (like, within this week or the next one) and I think I should give my hair a little break. I haven't had shorter hair in years, so I think I should try it out for a little while. Even if that little while is just until I go back to LA... LOL.

2) When I'm ready to get extensions put back in.. die my hair a dark brown with red hue (like the included picture of Miley) and rock it out :)

So whatdaya think - should I go for it?! (it's not like it's that different! LOL)

***I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of mentioning Miley as my inspiration. Most of you know I do support Miley and don't think it's my place to "hate on her" or anything like that. She's living her life, I'm living mine. However, I do know that if I just tweeted the picture and said "I want my hair like this!" I would get so many "you wanna be just like Miley" or "Ewww.. why do you like her?" comments. So I decided to write this in a blog post instead of twenty 140 character tweets and just let you all know that yeah, I am a Miley fan. But I don't want to change my hair to be like her. I happen to love the color and thought it would be an easy way to show you guys what color I'm talking about when I say "brown with a red hue."

Image from and it's Miley at the 2010 Grammy Awards in a gorgeous Herve Leger dress.