Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! (To those who celebrate. I know I always say this, but I don't want to offend anyone or assume you all celebrate Christmas.) Today was a wonderful day. It snowed in the middle of the night so we had our first white christmas in quite a few years. It was magical and I couldn't have dreamed of a prettier Christmas. It's now 9:20 PM and this day is almost over. It won't happen again for another 365 days. My life has changed so much in the past 365 days I can't even begin to imagine what I might be blogging about next Christmas Day. All I do know is that I want to still be doing my videos and blogging and interacting with you all. You've changed my life, and I don't know how I could ever repay you. I'm sitting in bed with a new cookbook my grandmother gave me, just flipping through it and marking recipes I'm excited to try with sticky notes, and decided to write a blog post. Today is too important of a day in my life not to share it with you all. So here we go! Here's how my Christmas Day went....
Last night my little sister and I climbed into bed and snuggled up. She kept me up most of the night wondering what Santa was going to bring her. I remember being that young and not being able to sleep the night before Christmas or even stand it! At 6:30 she woke me up again and asked if she had waiting long enough. Considering the fact my family says we can wake up as early as 3 AM, I felt bad and told her to run tell Elle to wake up. As she did that I called Mom and Dad (you have to walk past the living room to get to their bedroom and it's a rule that parents have to be in there before kids can come down.) Mom and Dad made coffee and got Grandmother awake and yelled "Santa came!" Which is our cue to run down the stairs, so we did.

I went straight to my stocking and didn't see a Santa gift, I assumed it was either the iPod or camera I was wanting and may be in the stocking, so I'm dumping everything out of the stocking when mom says, "Blair, do you not see your santa gift?" Noticing my confused look, she pointed behind me to the coffee table where it was set out. Well, I didn't get the iPod nano or digital camera, and I said I wouldn't do a "Christmas Haul" video but I will give you all a little insight into the main items I got.

From Santa I got a pair of sterling silver bow-shaped earrings and matching sterling silver necklace, and also a handbag I've been eying for quite some time. I was so thrilled! Mom said she thought Santa picked that out instead of the iPod since I don't really need one, and I need to pick out my own digital camera (since I'm so picky with my tech gadgets.) This was definitely an unexpected gift and I love all of it so much!

Elle and I then passed out everyones wrapped presents and watched the excitement on everyones face when they unwrapped their pressies! From Elle I got a pair of jeggings and VS yoga pants (THANKS ELLE! I LOVE THEM!) From mom I got a pair of sunglasses and new bathrobe. It's fluffy and pink. It's kind of a tradition that I get a new bathrobe each year. I live in bathrobes if I'm not filming or going somewhere. They're so warm and cozy (THANKS MOM! SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT!) From dad I got an asymmetrical sequin top and scarf. I'm guessing mom went with him to pick them out, because they are very fashion forward and just my style (THANKS DAD! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!) From my little sister I got a pop up portable dog crate, she said it was so I could take Roo and Teddy anywhere with me and they wouldn't run away, and baby tennis balls for the pups since regular ones are too big for them to play with. Mom said my little sister begged her to take her to PetsMart to pick out my gift. (THANKS BABE! YOU COULDN'T HAVE PICKED OUT ANYTHING BETTER! LOVE YOU!) I got a few other small gifts, but these were the main ones.

After opening all the presents I carried mine up to my room then helped mom pick up some of the living room. We're pretty good at throwing away the wrapping paper as we go, but sometimes there's a little left behind. Then I sat with Mom on the couch and talked for 2 hours about anything and everything, and listened to Dad in the background going through his gifts again and squealing at each item. (I swear, he's still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas morning. He was just as excited as my little sister and had more fun ripping the wrapping paper off the presents than any of us. LOL!)
I spent the rest of the day relaxing and spending time with my family. This holiday season has been so amazing! Now, all we have left is New Years Eve then it's back to my normal everyday schedule and consistent videos. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas day and want to thank you again for your support and kind "Merry Christmas" emails and tweets.

So tell me, what did you do all day? Also, what did you get for Christmas?!


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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey everyone! First off, Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate :) I was thinking about doing a "Christmas Eve Vlog" on my second channel, but a video usually takes me a few hours at the least (all day at the most) and since today is my favorite day of the year, I decided to spend it with my family. Hope you all don't mind! I feel horrible since I haven't been uploading as many videos as I normally do, but like I said in my last blog post, you all have been so loving and supportive it makes me feel better. After the holidays I'm going to throw myself full force into my videos and it's also one of my top New Years Resolutions! To keep my channel on a consistent schedule of videos so there's never a big gap.

I think lots of people's favorite holiday is Christmas Day, but mine is actually Christmas Eve. (and my birthday!!!) Lots of families and households celebrate Christmas differently, but we have our big meal or "feast" on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. My grandmother ("Blah Blah" and yes, that's the name we call her to her face. Don't judge! LOL) is in town, but other than that we're just with our immediate family. I don't know why my extended family doesn't get together. I have friends who will spend Christmas Eve with one set of grandparents, Christmas morning with their immediate family, Christmas afternoon with the other grandparents, Christmas night with their Aunt's and Uncles... and so on. My family has never been like that. All of my extended family lives far away, the closest are a 6 hour car ride, and they go all the way to Istanbul, Turkey! So it's more stress than fun trying to get everyone together at once.

To me, Christmas Day seems like it's more about the presents. We wake up as early as 3 AM and run into our parents room, then we wait while they go "check to see if Santa came" while they make their coffee. Then they yell "OK girls! He left you a present, come see what it is!" And we run into the living room all excited. I go through my stocking first, then look at the main gift he left me. In my family, Santa fills your stocking, and leaves you one "big gift" but it's never wrapped, and everything else is from our family members wrapped and under the tree. After the initial excitement of Santa, Elle and I start distributing the packages to each family member. Then we take turns opening each present, and then eat breakfast, which is always moms famous egg casserole, which sounds disturbing, but is so delish! After breakfast, we all carry our presents up to our room then go back to sleep. When I was little, I was still too excited to sleep and I would stay up playing with my toys, but now that I'm older I understand why my parents always went back to sleep. 3 AM is early! We spend the rest of the day sleeping, eating leftovers, relaxing, watching a movie, but kinda doing our own thing.

This is why I like Christmas Eve better. First off, the excitement in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Especially having a little kid in the household, it makes everything so much more magical. Christmas Eve is all about the excitement and being with the family and wrapping last minute presents (dad likes to get his gifts to us on Christmas Eve. Every year, without fail, he buys it on this day. That's actually where he is right now while I write this post!!! Talk about procrastination....) cooking, baking, eating, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music. Chrismas Eve is just more "family oriented" than Christmas Day, and that's why I like it more! To me, the holidays are just about being with my family. I used to take it for granted more when I lived with my parents, but now that I've moved out I cherish every second I get to spend with them. Mom and dad are both off work during this time of the season and it's just a time for us really to bond and be together as a family.

OH! I also wanted to just touch on this really quickly. Lots of you are requesting that I do a "Christmas Wish List" and/or "Christmas Haul" video, and I just want to go ahead and let you know I won't be doing that this year. All I really wanted for Christmas was to be home with my family, and as a present I'm hoping for either a pink iPod nano, or a digital camera. I have a video camera, flip camera, and a SLR - but I want one of those small digital cameras so I can carry it around with me and snap pictures where ever I am. I've been using my phone, but I find I don't take that many picutres. I used to have a digital camera (RIP) and I would take SO many pictures with it! I want to start adding albums to facebook (my fan facebook is down at the moment because facebook didn't believe it was really me in charge of it.. but it is/was and it's being put back up soon!) So I'm hoping for a either the iPod, or a small hot pink digital camera. & I won't be doing a Christmas Haul cause I feel like that would be bragging and being like, "OMG look what my parents can afford to buy me!" Whereas, I only haul items I purchased with my own money so that I can show you guys that if I love it enough to spend my own money on it, you probably would too!

So I just wanted to do this quick blog post to say Merry Christmas Eve! This year has been the best of my life (so far) and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of support this season and allowing me to spend this magical time with my family. I love you all and I can't wait to get back to doing videos consistently!

So tell me, how do you spend Christmas with your family? & What's on your Christmas wish list?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You & Miss You

Hey everyone! I have to write this quick blog post to thank you all. In my 2.5 years of doing YouTube videos, I've never been so pleased or surprised. Most of the time, if I go more than one day without uploading a video, I get an overwhelming amount of tweets, comments, messages, and emails asking me to upload. Normally, I love this! It makes me feel like you all are excited to watch me and it reminds me to do more videos. However, I mentioned in a video and blog post that I was going home for the holidays, and if I didn't upload as much as normal, it was because I was spending time with my family. I have been so shocked at the support I received after this. So many people are writing to me letting me know that it's fine if I skip a little while during the holidays, and to focus on my family. Thank you thank you thank you! Knowing I have your support and love no matter what makes me so happy!

Anyways, it's been five days since I uploaded my last video and I miss you all so much! Even when I'm not uploading, I'm still talking to you through twitter and email and this blog, but it's not the same. When I put up a new video and get that initial push of 1,000+ comments I'll sit there and read through each and every one, responding to as many as possible because, the way I see it, if you take the time to write a comment to me, I should take the time to write one back to you.

My point of writing this blog post was to thank you for your support. And to tell you that I already miss you. I was never planning on going anywhere for long, but this little break has been good for me, but I'm ready to film and upload again! I miss it already! LOL.

Filming and editing and uploading really take a lot of time, but when I sit and respond to comments and read them all, it's a full day ordeal! There's no way I would have been able to decorate the Christmas tree with my family, bake holiday cookies with my grandmother, or wrap presents with my little sister if I had been worried about videos. (Don't get me wrong.. videos are never a hassle and I love doing them, but sometimes they just take up more time than I have.)

So tomorrow I'm going to start filming and uploading again! Even tho it's only been 5 days, it feels like a few weeks! This little break got me really excited and happy to do more videos, which is a good thing. I've have time to think of new video ideas and I think if I take a break every once in a while, it'll help me. I'm soooooo excitedd!! I'm going to wake up early and film and AHHHHHHHHHH it's gonna be a good day!!! :)

Any video requests? Leave them in the comments of this post!

Love you,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Obsession: Sunglasses and HauteLook

Hey everyone! So I'm sitting in the living room in front of the christmas tree my family and I just decorated, (I know, we're a little late on putting it up! LOL) and looking out the window at the blanket of snow that's covering the mountains. I tweeted this a little while ago, but at this moment I feel like I'm living in a fairytale. Anyways, I decided that I needed to vent to you all about a little something. I have a new obsession... well, actually, two new obsessions. And I woke up this morning to see that they came together today in a way that made my heart melt!

If you've seen my room tour video, you may have noticed the unreasonable, impracticable amount of sunglasses I own. (Around the 2:58 mark) This is an obsession that I've had for quite some time. Now that I think of it, when I was 5 I think I had a Gymboree collection of sunglasses. That being said, I've been addicted for awhile. And the fact that it's about to be Christmas has me itching to find that dream pair to ask for this year.
Insert !! This is my second obsession. I found it not long ago, maybe a few weeks, and have been logging on every morning to see that days sale. If you don't know what hautelook is, here's a little blurp from their website:

"A leader in online retail, HauteLook brings the thrill back to shopping through 48-hour sale events with the world's top fashion, accessories, beauty, kids and home brands. Each day, HauteLook offers discounts of 50 to 75 percent off to millions of members in the U.S. and Canada. Membership is free to join and everyone is welcome.

In the last two years, over 1,000 high profile brands have chosen HauteLook to host more than 2,500 private events for women, men, kids, home, and beauty.

Get in on the site that has everyone talking: HauteLook was chosen by People as one of the top 15 ways to save money, while Extra television called it a "Virtual Shopaholic Heaven."

See what the buzz is all about! Register now to become a HauteLook member."

In a nutshell, that means that you register a username (it's free!) and log in to see exclusive designer sales. Items are normally 50-70% off which means I can buy twice as many things :) With the holidays right around the corner, I have been finding lots of gifts for friends and family that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford.

How do these two things come together? This morning I woke up and did the usual, checked my youtube, my other youtube, twitter, blog, email, glitzy-glam, dailybooth (yet ANOTHER new obsession. If you can't tell, I get obsessed easily. LOL!) and then went on to check justjaredjr, perez, and some other guilty pleasures. When it was finally time to log into hautelook, I gasped and held my breath for awhile before I realized I wasn't breathing. The cause of my sudden excitement? A HauteLook designer SUNGLASSES sale!!!! No Joke, I wanted to scream! Well, I think I did.

There's this Michael Kors pair for sale for $58.00 that is normally $165.00! Talk about a steal! I think I may have found my pair for the year! They're so unique and beautiful *heart melts*

I know these may be silly obsessions, but I've gotten to the point where I check hautelook every single day and they have awesome clothing, accessories, and even beauty and makeup sales. The other day they had a juicy couture sale, and a stila sale! Love!

So tell me, have you ever used If so, what did you think? Plus, what's your obsession?


**Please note: No, this is not a sponsored blog post. I hate that I have to always defend myself, but this is just my personal opinion on a site that I'm loving.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi From The Sky!

Hey everyone! All of my blog posts start out the same way... me apologizing for not updating more and saying how I'm sorry and will try harder. Well, all of the above apply for this blog post so let's just move on. LOL! I wanted to say a quick "hi from the sky" since I'm writing this blog post 20,000 feet (give or take a couple thousand.) & Give you all an update on me, my life, and what's going on. When I saw this flight had wi-fi I was so excited. I even dailyboothed a picture of me waving from the plane that you can see here.
Speaking of dailybooth, I'm officially obsessed! I had a dailybooth that I updated maybe twice? Hahaha, but then I was able to get @BlairFowler dailybooth so I have been really addicted. Even tho I've only uploaded 2 pictures so far. I want to try to upload at least 1 a day! You guys need to remind me! Tweet me and be like "BLAIR! dailybooth time!" and I will remember (if you can't tell from this blog, I tend to forget to update sometimes :/ ) If you don't have a dailybooth... you need one! Major. It's kinda my new favorite thing.

I'm also super excited to be going home for the holidays. It's such a magical time in my household (OH!!!! BTW, in my holiday tag video I refer to Santa Clause a lot.. and people were confused. Let's just say my 8 year old sister watches my videos and leave it at that. I meant explain that earlier, but couldn't tweet it either. Luckily, I don't think she reads my blog. Well, let's hope not!) Anyways I'm excited to see my family and dogs and spend a couple weeks with them. I really underestimated how much I would miss them and want to go back to see them. I am going to try my hardest to upload as many videos as I can, but if I slack a little bit, I'm sorry! I'm just spending this time with my family. That being said, it doesn't mean I won't be doing videos! I'm pretty sure I'll put up just as many as normal, but in case I don't.. that's why.

^^This picture with Teddy makes me so happy! I miss him and Roo so much :)

Today I'm really casual with everything from my outfit, to my hair and makeup since I knew it would be a long day of traveling. I'm wearing Victoria's Secret yoga pants, a VS tank top, a VS zip up hoodie ; tall Ugg boots in chestnut, and carrying my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. I wore my hair straight and in a low messy bun, but then took it out and wore it down. For my makeup I did my everyday foundation routine which you can see here (the only difference is I used a Laura Mercier concealer because I ran out of the Bobbi Brown one.)

On my eyes I'm wearing:
-Laura Mercier Eye Basics Eye Primer in "Flax"
-Eye Shadows from the Too Faced "Natural Eye" Palette
-Mark Cosmetics On The Edge Liquid Eyeliner in "Cleo"
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in "Zero"
-Mark Cosmetics Make It Big Lash Plumping Mascara in "Raven"

On my cheeks I'm wearing:
-Nars "Laguna" Bronzer
-Bobbi Brown "Sand Pink" Blush

On my lips I'm wearing:
-"The Lip Slip" by Sara Happ

Well, that was a longer post than I intended! Happy holidays, everyone! Don't forget to remind me to blog and dailybooth :)