Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! (To those who celebrate. I know I always say this, but I don't want to offend anyone or assume you all celebrate Christmas.) Today was a wonderful day. It snowed in the middle of the night so we had our first white christmas in quite a few years. It was magical and I couldn't have dreamed of a prettier Christmas. It's now 9:20 PM and this day is almost over. It won't happen again for another 365 days. My life has changed so much in the past 365 days I can't even begin to imagine what I might be blogging about next Christmas Day. All I do know is that I want to still be doing my videos and blogging and interacting with you all. You've changed my life, and I don't know how I could ever repay you. I'm sitting in bed with a new cookbook my grandmother gave me, just flipping through it and marking recipes I'm excited to try with sticky notes, and decided to write a blog post. Today is too important of a day in my life not to share it with you all. So here we go! Here's how my Christmas Day went....
Last night my little sister and I climbed into bed and snuggled up. She kept me up most of the night wondering what Santa was going to bring her. I remember being that young and not being able to sleep the night before Christmas or even stand it! At 6:30 she woke me up again and asked if she had waiting long enough. Considering the fact my family says we can wake up as early as 3 AM, I felt bad and told her to run tell Elle to wake up. As she did that I called Mom and Dad (you have to walk past the living room to get to their bedroom and it's a rule that parents have to be in there before kids can come down.) Mom and Dad made coffee and got Grandmother awake and yelled "Santa came!" Which is our cue to run down the stairs, so we did.

I went straight to my stocking and didn't see a Santa gift, I assumed it was either the iPod or camera I was wanting and may be in the stocking, so I'm dumping everything out of the stocking when mom says, "Blair, do you not see your santa gift?" Noticing my confused look, she pointed behind me to the coffee table where it was set out. Well, I didn't get the iPod nano or digital camera, and I said I wouldn't do a "Christmas Haul" video but I will give you all a little insight into the main items I got.

From Santa I got a pair of sterling silver bow-shaped earrings and matching sterling silver necklace, and also a handbag I've been eying for quite some time. I was so thrilled! Mom said she thought Santa picked that out instead of the iPod since I don't really need one, and I need to pick out my own digital camera (since I'm so picky with my tech gadgets.) This was definitely an unexpected gift and I love all of it so much!

Elle and I then passed out everyones wrapped presents and watched the excitement on everyones face when they unwrapped their pressies! From Elle I got a pair of jeggings and VS yoga pants (THANKS ELLE! I LOVE THEM!) From mom I got a pair of sunglasses and new bathrobe. It's fluffy and pink. It's kind of a tradition that I get a new bathrobe each year. I live in bathrobes if I'm not filming or going somewhere. They're so warm and cozy (THANKS MOM! SUCH AN AMAZING GIFT!) From dad I got an asymmetrical sequin top and scarf. I'm guessing mom went with him to pick them out, because they are very fashion forward and just my style (THANKS DAD! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!) From my little sister I got a pop up portable dog crate, she said it was so I could take Roo and Teddy anywhere with me and they wouldn't run away, and baby tennis balls for the pups since regular ones are too big for them to play with. Mom said my little sister begged her to take her to PetsMart to pick out my gift. (THANKS BABE! YOU COULDN'T HAVE PICKED OUT ANYTHING BETTER! LOVE YOU!) I got a few other small gifts, but these were the main ones.

After opening all the presents I carried mine up to my room then helped mom pick up some of the living room. We're pretty good at throwing away the wrapping paper as we go, but sometimes there's a little left behind. Then I sat with Mom on the couch and talked for 2 hours about anything and everything, and listened to Dad in the background going through his gifts again and squealing at each item. (I swear, he's still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas morning. He was just as excited as my little sister and had more fun ripping the wrapping paper off the presents than any of us. LOL!)
I spent the rest of the day relaxing and spending time with my family. This holiday season has been so amazing! Now, all we have left is New Years Eve then it's back to my normal everyday schedule and consistent videos. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas day and want to thank you again for your support and kind "Merry Christmas" emails and tweets.

So tell me, what did you do all day? Also, what did you get for Christmas?!


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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey everyone! First off, Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate :) I was thinking about doing a "Christmas Eve Vlog" on my second channel, but a video usually takes me a few hours at the least (all day at the most) and since today is my favorite day of the year, I decided to spend it with my family. Hope you all don't mind! I feel horrible since I haven't been uploading as many videos as I normally do, but like I said in my last blog post, you all have been so loving and supportive it makes me feel better. After the holidays I'm going to throw myself full force into my videos and it's also one of my top New Years Resolutions! To keep my channel on a consistent schedule of videos so there's never a big gap.

I think lots of people's favorite holiday is Christmas Day, but mine is actually Christmas Eve. (and my birthday!!!) Lots of families and households celebrate Christmas differently, but we have our big meal or "feast" on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. My grandmother ("Blah Blah" and yes, that's the name we call her to her face. Don't judge! LOL) is in town, but other than that we're just with our immediate family. I don't know why my extended family doesn't get together. I have friends who will spend Christmas Eve with one set of grandparents, Christmas morning with their immediate family, Christmas afternoon with the other grandparents, Christmas night with their Aunt's and Uncles... and so on. My family has never been like that. All of my extended family lives far away, the closest are a 6 hour car ride, and they go all the way to Istanbul, Turkey! So it's more stress than fun trying to get everyone together at once.

To me, Christmas Day seems like it's more about the presents. We wake up as early as 3 AM and run into our parents room, then we wait while they go "check to see if Santa came" while they make their coffee. Then they yell "OK girls! He left you a present, come see what it is!" And we run into the living room all excited. I go through my stocking first, then look at the main gift he left me. In my family, Santa fills your stocking, and leaves you one "big gift" but it's never wrapped, and everything else is from our family members wrapped and under the tree. After the initial excitement of Santa, Elle and I start distributing the packages to each family member. Then we take turns opening each present, and then eat breakfast, which is always moms famous egg casserole, which sounds disturbing, but is so delish! After breakfast, we all carry our presents up to our room then go back to sleep. When I was little, I was still too excited to sleep and I would stay up playing with my toys, but now that I'm older I understand why my parents always went back to sleep. 3 AM is early! We spend the rest of the day sleeping, eating leftovers, relaxing, watching a movie, but kinda doing our own thing.

This is why I like Christmas Eve better. First off, the excitement in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Especially having a little kid in the household, it makes everything so much more magical. Christmas Eve is all about the excitement and being with the family and wrapping last minute presents (dad likes to get his gifts to us on Christmas Eve. Every year, without fail, he buys it on this day. That's actually where he is right now while I write this post!!! Talk about procrastination....) cooking, baking, eating, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music. Chrismas Eve is just more "family oriented" than Christmas Day, and that's why I like it more! To me, the holidays are just about being with my family. I used to take it for granted more when I lived with my parents, but now that I've moved out I cherish every second I get to spend with them. Mom and dad are both off work during this time of the season and it's just a time for us really to bond and be together as a family.

OH! I also wanted to just touch on this really quickly. Lots of you are requesting that I do a "Christmas Wish List" and/or "Christmas Haul" video, and I just want to go ahead and let you know I won't be doing that this year. All I really wanted for Christmas was to be home with my family, and as a present I'm hoping for either a pink iPod nano, or a digital camera. I have a video camera, flip camera, and a SLR - but I want one of those small digital cameras so I can carry it around with me and snap pictures where ever I am. I've been using my phone, but I find I don't take that many picutres. I used to have a digital camera (RIP) and I would take SO many pictures with it! I want to start adding albums to facebook (my fan facebook is down at the moment because facebook didn't believe it was really me in charge of it.. but it is/was and it's being put back up soon!) So I'm hoping for a either the iPod, or a small hot pink digital camera. & I won't be doing a Christmas Haul cause I feel like that would be bragging and being like, "OMG look what my parents can afford to buy me!" Whereas, I only haul items I purchased with my own money so that I can show you guys that if I love it enough to spend my own money on it, you probably would too!

So I just wanted to do this quick blog post to say Merry Christmas Eve! This year has been the best of my life (so far) and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of support this season and allowing me to spend this magical time with my family. I love you all and I can't wait to get back to doing videos consistently!

So tell me, how do you spend Christmas with your family? & What's on your Christmas wish list?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You & Miss You

Hey everyone! I have to write this quick blog post to thank you all. In my 2.5 years of doing YouTube videos, I've never been so pleased or surprised. Most of the time, if I go more than one day without uploading a video, I get an overwhelming amount of tweets, comments, messages, and emails asking me to upload. Normally, I love this! It makes me feel like you all are excited to watch me and it reminds me to do more videos. However, I mentioned in a video and blog post that I was going home for the holidays, and if I didn't upload as much as normal, it was because I was spending time with my family. I have been so shocked at the support I received after this. So many people are writing to me letting me know that it's fine if I skip a little while during the holidays, and to focus on my family. Thank you thank you thank you! Knowing I have your support and love no matter what makes me so happy!

Anyways, it's been five days since I uploaded my last video and I miss you all so much! Even when I'm not uploading, I'm still talking to you through twitter and email and this blog, but it's not the same. When I put up a new video and get that initial push of 1,000+ comments I'll sit there and read through each and every one, responding to as many as possible because, the way I see it, if you take the time to write a comment to me, I should take the time to write one back to you.

My point of writing this blog post was to thank you for your support. And to tell you that I already miss you. I was never planning on going anywhere for long, but this little break has been good for me, but I'm ready to film and upload again! I miss it already! LOL.

Filming and editing and uploading really take a lot of time, but when I sit and respond to comments and read them all, it's a full day ordeal! There's no way I would have been able to decorate the Christmas tree with my family, bake holiday cookies with my grandmother, or wrap presents with my little sister if I had been worried about videos. (Don't get me wrong.. videos are never a hassle and I love doing them, but sometimes they just take up more time than I have.)

So tomorrow I'm going to start filming and uploading again! Even tho it's only been 5 days, it feels like a few weeks! This little break got me really excited and happy to do more videos, which is a good thing. I've have time to think of new video ideas and I think if I take a break every once in a while, it'll help me. I'm soooooo excitedd!! I'm going to wake up early and film and AHHHHHHHHHH it's gonna be a good day!!! :)

Any video requests? Leave them in the comments of this post!

Love you,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Obsession: Sunglasses and HauteLook

Hey everyone! So I'm sitting in the living room in front of the christmas tree my family and I just decorated, (I know, we're a little late on putting it up! LOL) and looking out the window at the blanket of snow that's covering the mountains. I tweeted this a little while ago, but at this moment I feel like I'm living in a fairytale. Anyways, I decided that I needed to vent to you all about a little something. I have a new obsession... well, actually, two new obsessions. And I woke up this morning to see that they came together today in a way that made my heart melt!

If you've seen my room tour video, you may have noticed the unreasonable, impracticable amount of sunglasses I own. (Around the 2:58 mark) This is an obsession that I've had for quite some time. Now that I think of it, when I was 5 I think I had a Gymboree collection of sunglasses. That being said, I've been addicted for awhile. And the fact that it's about to be Christmas has me itching to find that dream pair to ask for this year.
Insert !! This is my second obsession. I found it not long ago, maybe a few weeks, and have been logging on every morning to see that days sale. If you don't know what hautelook is, here's a little blurp from their website:

"A leader in online retail, HauteLook brings the thrill back to shopping through 48-hour sale events with the world's top fashion, accessories, beauty, kids and home brands. Each day, HauteLook offers discounts of 50 to 75 percent off to millions of members in the U.S. and Canada. Membership is free to join and everyone is welcome.

In the last two years, over 1,000 high profile brands have chosen HauteLook to host more than 2,500 private events for women, men, kids, home, and beauty.

Get in on the site that has everyone talking: HauteLook was chosen by People as one of the top 15 ways to save money, while Extra television called it a "Virtual Shopaholic Heaven."

See what the buzz is all about! Register now to become a HauteLook member."

In a nutshell, that means that you register a username (it's free!) and log in to see exclusive designer sales. Items are normally 50-70% off which means I can buy twice as many things :) With the holidays right around the corner, I have been finding lots of gifts for friends and family that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford.

How do these two things come together? This morning I woke up and did the usual, checked my youtube, my other youtube, twitter, blog, email, glitzy-glam, dailybooth (yet ANOTHER new obsession. If you can't tell, I get obsessed easily. LOL!) and then went on to check justjaredjr, perez, and some other guilty pleasures. When it was finally time to log into hautelook, I gasped and held my breath for awhile before I realized I wasn't breathing. The cause of my sudden excitement? A HauteLook designer SUNGLASSES sale!!!! No Joke, I wanted to scream! Well, I think I did.

There's this Michael Kors pair for sale for $58.00 that is normally $165.00! Talk about a steal! I think I may have found my pair for the year! They're so unique and beautiful *heart melts*

I know these may be silly obsessions, but I've gotten to the point where I check hautelook every single day and they have awesome clothing, accessories, and even beauty and makeup sales. The other day they had a juicy couture sale, and a stila sale! Love!

So tell me, have you ever used If so, what did you think? Plus, what's your obsession?


**Please note: No, this is not a sponsored blog post. I hate that I have to always defend myself, but this is just my personal opinion on a site that I'm loving.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi From The Sky!

Hey everyone! All of my blog posts start out the same way... me apologizing for not updating more and saying how I'm sorry and will try harder. Well, all of the above apply for this blog post so let's just move on. LOL! I wanted to say a quick "hi from the sky" since I'm writing this blog post 20,000 feet (give or take a couple thousand.) & Give you all an update on me, my life, and what's going on. When I saw this flight had wi-fi I was so excited. I even dailyboothed a picture of me waving from the plane that you can see here.
Speaking of dailybooth, I'm officially obsessed! I had a dailybooth that I updated maybe twice? Hahaha, but then I was able to get @BlairFowler dailybooth so I have been really addicted. Even tho I've only uploaded 2 pictures so far. I want to try to upload at least 1 a day! You guys need to remind me! Tweet me and be like "BLAIR! dailybooth time!" and I will remember (if you can't tell from this blog, I tend to forget to update sometimes :/ ) If you don't have a dailybooth... you need one! Major. It's kinda my new favorite thing.

I'm also super excited to be going home for the holidays. It's such a magical time in my household (OH!!!! BTW, in my holiday tag video I refer to Santa Clause a lot.. and people were confused. Let's just say my 8 year old sister watches my videos and leave it at that. I meant explain that earlier, but couldn't tweet it either. Luckily, I don't think she reads my blog. Well, let's hope not!) Anyways I'm excited to see my family and dogs and spend a couple weeks with them. I really underestimated how much I would miss them and want to go back to see them. I am going to try my hardest to upload as many videos as I can, but if I slack a little bit, I'm sorry! I'm just spending this time with my family. That being said, it doesn't mean I won't be doing videos! I'm pretty sure I'll put up just as many as normal, but in case I don't.. that's why.

^^This picture with Teddy makes me so happy! I miss him and Roo so much :)

Today I'm really casual with everything from my outfit, to my hair and makeup since I knew it would be a long day of traveling. I'm wearing Victoria's Secret yoga pants, a VS tank top, a VS zip up hoodie ; tall Ugg boots in chestnut, and carrying my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. I wore my hair straight and in a low messy bun, but then took it out and wore it down. For my makeup I did my everyday foundation routine which you can see here (the only difference is I used a Laura Mercier concealer because I ran out of the Bobbi Brown one.)

On my eyes I'm wearing:
-Laura Mercier Eye Basics Eye Primer in "Flax"
-Eye Shadows from the Too Faced "Natural Eye" Palette
-Mark Cosmetics On The Edge Liquid Eyeliner in "Cleo"
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in "Zero"
-Mark Cosmetics Make It Big Lash Plumping Mascara in "Raven"

On my cheeks I'm wearing:
-Nars "Laguna" Bronzer
-Bobbi Brown "Sand Pink" Blush

On my lips I'm wearing:
-"The Lip Slip" by Sara Happ

Well, that was a longer post than I intended! Happy holidays, everyone! Don't forget to remind me to blog and dailybooth :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Should I Change My Hair Color?!

Hey everyone! First off, sorry for not blogging more! I am officially the worlds worst blogger because of my lack of updates. Go ahead, shun me now! Anyways, I was just on twitter and wrote:

"so i'm having a crazy moment right now and really want to change my hair color! not too drastic... just a little lighter with a red hue."
"do you think i'm out of my mind? cause i kinda do.. but i still wanna do it! maybe i should sleep on it? LOL"

This sparked over 100 @replies in seconds and I decided you all are the best people for me to talk to about this! In the end.. it's just hair. I can always change it if I don't like it. I only live once and have always been kind of fascinated by the thought of changing my hair color. I've had really dark brown (almost black) hair before, and I've gone a little lighter than my natural color as well. I've never had the urge to go blonde, tho. Maybe it's cause Elle is such a gorgeous blonde and I'm scared I would look like a mousy blonde (I also like being a little different from her) or maybe it's cause I just don't think my face could handle blonde. Either way, I don't really want to test it out.

I've toyed with the thought of red hair since I was 7 and got a barbie doll with dark brown hair, but it had a slight red hue in it. Seeing as I had dark brown hair, I took it as a sign that I needed some red in mine. My mom, however, didn't take it as a sign and said no. I haven't really thought about it since then.

Today I was lying around looking at pictures from last nights AMA's and (again) fell in love with Miley Cyrus's hair. Now her color from last night is not what I'm looking to do to my own head, but I was so intrigued by the way she's always changing her hair. Almost as if it's another accessory. I love it and wish I had the guts to do that! Well, I think I might have worked up some guts, cause here's what I'm thinking....

1) I'm getting my extensions taken out soon (like, within this week or the next one) and I think I should give my hair a little break. I haven't had shorter hair in years, so I think I should try it out for a little while. Even if that little while is just until I go back to LA... LOL.

2) When I'm ready to get extensions put back in.. die my hair a dark brown with red hue (like the included picture of Miley) and rock it out :)

So whatdaya think - should I go for it?! (it's not like it's that different! LOL)

***I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of mentioning Miley as my inspiration. Most of you know I do support Miley and don't think it's my place to "hate on her" or anything like that. She's living her life, I'm living mine. However, I do know that if I just tweeted the picture and said "I want my hair like this!" I would get so many "you wanna be just like Miley" or "Ewww.. why do you like her?" comments. So I decided to write this in a blog post instead of twenty 140 character tweets and just let you all know that yeah, I am a Miley fan. But I don't want to change my hair to be like her. I happen to love the color and thought it would be an easy way to show you guys what color I'm talking about when I say "brown with a red hue."

Image from and it's Miley at the 2010 Grammy Awards in a gorgeous Herve Leger dress.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wish List: iPod Nano

Hey everyone! You may know this, you may not. I have an iPhone, but I also have an iPod touch. If you ask me, it's completely unnecessary. As you can tell, I do not need a new iPod. However, the new iPod nano really has me wishing I did! I normally don't talk about technology stuff since, to be quite honest, I know nothing about it. What I do know is that the new iPod nanos are adorable, and I wish I could justify needing one. I always thought about getting an iPod shuffle because they are small and could clip onto me when I'm working out. (There is a little pouch thing you can get for the iPod touch that wraps around your arm, but it's so bulky I feel like it's not even worth it!) The downside to the shuffle is that it can only hold up to 2GB of songs, and being the music addict that I am, that's just unacceptable.
Insert iPod nano - the best of both worlds! You can opt for either an 8GB ($149.00) or 16GB ($179.00) and it comes in seven different colors. I think we all know which one I would choose... pink! But the best part about the new nano is how small it is, and it even has a clip on the back to clip onto my tank top while I hit the gym. It's also a touch screen, which makes it too good to be true.

Like I said, I don't really trust myself to talk about technology stuff, but I saw the commercial for this bad boy and thought it was way too cute to not talk about! I obviously don't need one, but it's still an item I must add to my mental "wish list."

So tell me - would you fork over $149.00-$179.00 for the new nano? If so, which color would you choose?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Don't Like It: L'Oreal Eye Makeup Remover

Hey everyone! Many of you may have seen my sisters "I Don't Like It" video where she reviewed a product she, obviously, didn't like. She has started a new series on her channel and does mini-videos on products she bought, but later regretted. I don't want to steal her thunder, or marvelous idea, so instead of doing videos on my channel, too, I'm just going to write up a blog post on any products I feel don't make the cut. Say hello to my new blog series, "I Don't Like It: (Insert Product Name Here.)" Oh, and I give Elle all credit for coming up with the idea and name :)
Todays victim? The L'Oreal Eye Makeup Remover, I purchased mine at Walgreens for $8.99, but you can find them online for around $6.00. While I was in NYC for Fashion Week, I took along my beloved Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover ($26.00). Somehow, when we were packing up the hotel room to catch our flight which we were running late to, I managed to forget my eye makeup remover! (Along with my skinny bow waist belt!) Once I was home, I realized I didn't have my eye makeup remover with me and made a mental note to pick up a new one at Lancome whenever I was in a department store. Turns out, I hit up Walgreens first and decided to save some cash, and pick out a new eye makeup remover.

Insert the L'Oreal Eye Makeup Remover. It was sitting on a shelf all by itself, which made me feel like it must be a good product if there's only one left, and it was even in a blue bottle! (The Lancome one is in a blue bottle, too. I knew it must be fate.) I glanced at the $8.99 price tag and decided to give it a go, hey, it beats having to fork over $26.00 for the Lancome one - plus, I wouldn't have to drive to the mall now. I eagerly took it up to the counter to pay for it, along with other items of sheer bliss, like false lashes!
That night I was getting ready for bed and set out my cotton balls, cotton swabs, and new found "hopeful" love. I saturated a cotton ball first, then set it on my eye for a good 7 seconds to give it time to break up my mascara and eyeliner, err... particles? When I went to wipe the makeup away, I realized my makeup had only smeared, but was still on my eyes. I went in again with a different side of the cotton ball, and held it on for 10 seconds this time. Still, no good. Getting frustrated, I decided to go ahead and wash my face, then I would try again to get my eye makeup off, since my face wash doesn't do a great job at that. After I washing my face twice, (the first time is to remove my face makeup, the second is to cleanse the skin) I dipped a cotton swab into the bottle, and tried to clean up underneath my eyes. Still, no luck. I settled on giving up and went to Elle to borrow her Lancome one. The next night, I decided to give it one more go. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

My final conclusion is that the L'Oreal remover is water in a blue bottle. That's the only possible explanation for why it wouldn't remove my eye makeup at all. This makes me a little sad, since I was excited to find a less expensive version of my true love, but in this case.. maybe you should pay a little extra for a product that does the job right.

So tell me, what's your favorite eye makeup remover? I'd love to know if you have found a drugstore one that works!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Juicy Couture Rubik Cube, Anyone?!

Hey everyone! Most of you know that I have a strange obsession with rubik cubes. It started when I was in tenth grade and one of my best friends, Sydney, would bring one to school everyday and try to solve it whenever we had free time, or, let's face it, even when we were supposed to be working. For fall break that year, Syd came on vacation with me and my family and brought her rubik cube along. She got stuck in her usual place, after she solved the green side, and was complaining during the car ride. Mom must have heard her since she turned around and said, "Oh, I can do that!" We didn't believe her so Sydney handed it over, and sure enough, Mom solved it in less that two minutes! When we asked her to teach us she said she didn't know how she did it, her fingers just moved the colors to where they needed to be. We spent the rest of vacation trying to figure out how to work the darn thing.

Once I was home from vacation, I bought my own rubik cube and logged onto youtube to find out how to solve it. I stayed up all night teaching myself, then walked into class proudly on monday, rubik cube in hand, to show Sydney how it was done. (BTW, she had looked up how to do it too, and solved it before I could even show her I had one with me!) Ever since, I've been obsessed with getting my time down on solving it.
A few days ago I tweeted the link to the most amazing rubik cube, EVER! A Juicy Couture rhinestone one! You all know how obsessed I am with Juicy Couture, I mean, hello! That's where the "juicy" in my username comes from. You better believe I would have ordered it online in a heart beat, if it wasn't for the price tag attached. A whopping $68.00 is what you'd have to fork over to own one of these, and I don't know about you, but I can't spend that on a whim for something so frivolous. However, is it weird that I really long for one?

I posted a video a long time ago showing you all me solving the rubik cube link here in 2 minutes and 3 seconds (not my best time, but it'll work.) BTW, that video is so old - it was one of my first ones, ever! I feel like a totally different person, but it's fun to look back on 15 year old me. Oh, and I totally understand what mom meant when she said she couldn't explain how to solve it. My fingers just move and half the time I have no idea what they're doing. Weird...

You tell me, would you pay $68.00 for a rhinestone incrusted Juicy Couture rubik cube?


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flawless Foundation Routine

Hey everyone! Most of you know that I don't have perfect skin, but then again who does? I not only don't have perfect skin, but my skin really isn't good at all. It's a big greasy oil ball and I tend to break out a lot. I've tried countless skin care systems, and I think I may have finally found one that works for me, but more on that in it's own post when I'm sure it's my miracle. For now I have to depend on makeup to help even out my skin tone and cover up my blemishes. If you watch my videos, you also probably know that I change up my foundation routine way to much for a sane soul. That being said, I can't remember the last time I was this in love with a foundation routine and have stuck with it for so long. Here's what I do/use...
1) Apply one squirt of Lancome Primer all over face using my fingers, then let set for at least sixty seconds.
2) Put a small amount of Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation on the back of my hand, then use a Mac 131 brush to stipple and blend all over my face and neck. (NOTE: Apply a small amount all over, then focus another layer on any problem areas.)
3) Pat a small amount of Laura Mercier Secret Brightener below my eyes.
4) Smear some Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer under my eyes, around the sides of my nose, and on any problem areas using my fingers.
5) Set my under eye concealer with Laura Mercier Eye Brightening Powder.
6) Using a Mac 134 brush, dust on a layer of Nars Powder Foundation.
7) Finish off with any bronzer, blush, and other makeup of your choice!

Now you might be wondering why the multiple under eye products are necessary. For you, they may not be. However, I have dark under eye circles and find that when you conceal them properly, it makes all the difference! The first Laura Mercier product comes in a pen/tube container with a brush applicator and twist up bottom. It's a shimmery color that reflects light away and, in doing that, brightens up your under eyes. (NOTE: If you have lighter skin, get #1. Darker skin requires #2.) The next product is concealer, which speaks for itself. Now you can set this concealer with your normal powder, or you can do what I do, which is use the brightening powder. The brightening powder is a white/translucent powder with tiny little sparkles. When applied on top of your under eye concealer, it brightens up your entire eye. It's also great for photography, since it will react with the flash from the camera and make your eyes look super radiant.

You may have also noticed that I set my foundation, with another foundation. Mind you, it's a powder foundation, but still a foundation. I used to set the Laura Mercier foundation with a translucent powder, but when I was in LA in June for IMATS, I met an amazing makeup artist named Gabe who told me to set it using the Nars Powder Foundation. I thought this would look cake-y and overdone, but I took his word for it and tried it out. I was amazed by how great the coverage was! I have done this everyday since and I can't imagine switching it out for other products in the near future.

So tell me, what's your every day foundation routine? Have you tried any of these products out, and if so, what'd you think?


My New Go-To Necklace!

Hey everyone! So I'm sure you all probably know about mine and my sister's website You all also probably know that I am semi-obsessed with having my initial on things. From my door sign, to towels and wash cloths, to keychains and more, I love having a B plastered on anything and everything. Well, Glitzy-Glam has a new item online that I just cannot get enough of, the "Single Initial Necklace!" I knew I had to show you all my new addiction, but I thought a video on this would be a little out there, so lo and behold, a blog post was my answer.
Obviously, my favorite one is the "B!" This little baby is on a silver chain with a white face plate and silver initial. Add in the crystal stones around the plate, and you have yourself a glistening statement that goes with any outfit! I've been wearing mine pretty much everyday, and it's quickly becoming a staple piece in my wardrobe. I also love that it matches anything I wear (as long as it doesn't require gold jewelry! I know mixing silver and gold is a trend, but yuck!) For those wondering, the necklace retails for $14.95.

BTW, is having a surprise sale right now! It's 20% off keychains, makeup bags, lunch bags, pad and tampon holders, spa wraps, and headbands. The site ships worldwide and there is no minimum purchase to get the 20% off discount! (You don't need a coupon code, the items are already discounted.)

If you need to buy holiday gifts for your friends, family, or even yourself - now would be the time to do so, ya know, with the sale going on and all! You also will already have your gifts stocked up, so there's no rushing to get them at the last minute. I personally think the necklace would be a great gift for anyone of any age, but then again, the tampon holders are great too! LOL!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dark Nails: Yay or Nay?

With fall quickly approaching us, I have a question I've been dying to ask you guys. Dark nails - Yay or Nay? (Yay meaning you love them and/or would wear them. Nay meaning you don't like the look of them.) Personally, my favorite part about the colder seasons is the scarves and dark nail polish.. OH, and the cranberry lips :) Anyways, I have currently been rocking "Lincoln Park After Dark" by OPI on my nails and I have to ask.. Do you like the dark nail trend?
Some may argue that it's either too "emo," "dirty," or just plain ugly - but I love the look of it on short, squoval nails. I prefer not to do black, but opt for a dark purple or deep blue. I talk about trends in my videos a lot and always get people asking me why I'll only wear dark nails in fall/winter or why I like following clothing trends so closely. I can't really explain it other than the fact that this is what I love. I love the beauty and fashion industry (obviously!) and while I like knowing that I'm one of the first ones rocking a new trend, I get even more joy out of knowing that I can deliver certain trends to my viewers first who may not know about them otherwise.

That being said, if you are someone who sets their own trends.. more power to you! When I was in eighth grade I would wear different earrings every day. Like a hoop in one ear and a feather earring in the other. Some of my friends started doing it too, but what they didn't know is that the only reason I did it was because my ears were pierced differently and when I wore matching earrings you could tell my ear holes were uneven. Anyways, to get back to the trend point, I really enjoy following the trends... but I also think dark nails really look good in fall and winter. Then I can wear bright colors in spring and summer :)

So tell me, Dark Nails - Yay or Nay?


**picture found on

Where Have I Been?!

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I feel like I always say I will keep this blog updated with every intention of doing so, but it just never gets done. Normally, I thought updating this more than once a day would be overload.. so I would write a blog and save it for a rainy day (or a day where I didn't have time to type up a blog post!) Well, I realized that I never actually posted those filler blog posts. So I have a new approach this time...

1) Don't forget to update!
2) If I write more than one post a day, I'll put both of them up!
3) Uhhhh, that's all I could think of!

Anyways, I think that will work! What do you think? Now here is what I need from you... If I go awhile without updated this blog - tweet me, message me, or email me reminding me to UPDATE! I have so many things on my plate right now that sometimes I honestly just forget to write up new posts.

BTW, lots of you have been asking me to update about the Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care line that I was in the process of using, and to be honest with you - I just couldn't handle it. I know they say you're supposed to wait out the six weeks.. but six weeks of my skin sliding off my face was just not going to cut it for me. I had to stop using that and go back to my Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System, which, by the way, has started helping again. Another thing is that I have gotten my first Isolaz treatment, and I'm going to get more! I'll do an entire post or video or something dedicated to that - because I think it might be the miracle I've been waiting for all along.

New posts coming soon :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care System - Week 1

Y’all know that I have a strange addiction... changing my skin care routine. Just two months ago I was beaming and boasting about my new Laura Mercier products. Two months previous to that, it was the Clinique 3 step skin care system that had my heart, and my acne at bay! Well, surprise surprise, I have found a new love. One that comes along with peeling, burning, redness, and after 18 weeks, perfect skin - or so they claim. I’m only on week one, so I’m not sure how it will work for me.

I started the Obaji Nu-Derm line last Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Obaji has tons of different systems that can be customized to your personal skin type. Well, y’all know mine. Oily, red, blotchy, acne prone, and scarred. I went to a dermatologist on Tuesday, not knowing what I was looking for, other than a cure.

Let me recap you really quickly and let you know about my skin. I’ve had acne since I was in 6th grade. My blackheads are untamable, and I have tried anything and everything, including Accutane. If you’ve watched my skin care videos, you know that I was extremely allergic to Accutane, which I tried when I was 14 (beginning my freshman year of high school). I know your skin is supposed to get dry and flaky in the first two months. Well, in the first four days my skin on my entire body was so dry it was cracking. I had slits all down my lips, and 1/2 millimeter cuts on the corners of my mouth, between my upper and lower lips. My lips inflamed to where my bottom lip was down to my chin, and my upper lip was pressing against my nose. We immediately rushed me to the dermatologist, and she told me to stop it for two weeks, then start back up on half the dosage, every other day. I did exactly as she instructed, and I had the same reaction, this time, my eyes also swelled shut.

Now, I am not in any way telling you this to try to scare you! My sister, Elle, went on Accutane 6 years ago and she has the prettiest, porcelain-like skin I’ve ever seen. (Well, if you don’t count Kim Kardashian, sorry sis!) I just had a really awful experience with Accutane. I wanted it to work so badly, I would dream about having skin like Elle’s, and I was furious and upset that Accutane wouldn’t work for me, too.

My skin relaxed after a month of my allergic reaction, and I turned to the Clinique 3 step skin care system to tame my acne. I wanted to get the “acne” version of the system, but ended up with level 3 of the original formula. To my dismay, it worked! Religiously, I used it every morning and night, along with a clinique exfoliator 3 times a week, in the AM. The only time I would skip a day is if I was sick, and couldn’t make it out of bed. I think the consistency of never skipping a morning or eve is what helped my acne, since the system isn’t specifically formulated for that.

I used this routine up until the end of February of 2010. I stopped the clinique simply because I think my skin got immune to it, and to be quite honest, I was kind of tired of it. My skin stopped responding the way it used too, and since I was tired of using the system, I got a little bit lazy, and quit using it every single day and night. Skipping a random morning here, and the occasional night here.

In February, I went to NYC for Fashion Week, and stopped by the Laura Mercier counter in Saks. I picked out a new skin care routine and quickly fell head-over-heels. I went to go get a facial right when I got home from the city, and of course, broke out (I always break out right after facials, since they pull all of the bacteria to the surface). Loving the Laura Mercier products, I blamed the breakout on the facial, but it didn’t go away for a whole month. Still, up until last tuesday, I hadn’t had any luck.

That being said, I still love the Laura Mercier products. If you just had oily skin, but not too much acne, it would do wonders for the texture and look of your skin. Unfortunately, after giving it a two month shot, it didn’t make the cut it for me. Except for the face polish which is the exfoliator! I will never use another one on my face, I’m loving this one way too much!

So on the 20th, I was at the dermatologist, asking for a cure to my acne, blackheads, oiliness, and scars. We had already tried so many failed approaches, that she turned to an extreme. Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care System. This is a harsh, Retin A, based treatment that is commonly used on older people with lots of scars, wrinkles, discoloration, and sunspots. It can also cure acne, help fade scars, and make the skin quality that of a baby’s bottom.*

Sounds great! Right? Sure, but there’s a downside, a kind of big down side. For the first 6 weeks, your skin is going to be very red and irritated, extremely peel-y, and it burns! Why would anyone put themselves through this? Because the after pictures and testimonials are AMAZING. The reason people don’t hear about it more often? Most of the time, people can’t take the first six weeks, and give up on it. Then leave nasty reviews saying it left their skin blotchy and peeling. Well, DUH! You didn’t give it time to work, dumb-dumb! Oh, and also, it’s an expensive line! Ranging anywhere from $200-$600, depending on how much your doctors office marks the price up, and what products you require.

The first six weeks has such awful side effects because it is pushing all of the “bad” out of your skin, then peels your skin off to reveal a fresh layer of unscarred, smooth, baby butt* skin. Your skin should start looking better after week 4-6, and you will see the full results by week 18. By the way, this seems like an eternity to me...

The point of me sharing this with you? Because every Tuesday, I’m going to update this blog and let you all know what side effects I had that week. So here we go, Week 1.

In the morning I have 5 steps. Cleanse, tone, #4 cream, moisturizer/sunscreen, then eye cream. I also use my Clarisonic facial brush with the cleanse step. Night time is 5-6 steps, depending on the day. I take off my eye makeup with Mac’s Eye Makeup Remover, but that doesn’t really count as a step... First, I Cleanse twice, (once to remove makeup, and the second time to actually cleanse the skin, the second time I use my Clarisonic brush) tone, #3 cream, #5 cream, then eye cream. Every other night, in between the #5 cream and the eye cream, I use this strange, thick, yellow liquid stuff. In two weeks, I’m supposed to move it up to using it every night, for now it’s too harsh.

The first morning, when I started the system, I was so excited! The creams were a little bit thick, so I had to pat them into my skin, instead of rubbing it in, to avoid stretching my skin. I didn’t feel any burning, and I took this as a good sign. That night, I did the night time steps and went to sleep (I did use the yellow liquid this night). I woke up the morning of day two and my nose was SO oily! Like, visibly oily. It was shiny and nasty. I hope this was just the systems way of pushing to oil out. I also noticed my pores were closed and small. SIDE NOTE: When I heat them, like taking a hot shower, they open back up and seem to grow before my eyes! Day two was fine, the oil washed off and my skin looked like it normally did. I didn’t use the yellow liquid this night. Day three, I woke up the same as day two, extreme oiliness, but it rinsed off. This night, I did use the gooey, yellow stuff.

Day four I awoke to look in the mirror and see a RED face starring back at me. Like RED, the exact shade of a cherry. I called my dermatologist and she said this is not only normal, but supposed to happen. It still freaked me out, not only was my skin red, it kind of felt raw, and burned a little bit to put the creams on. That night, my skin was starting to flake, just a little bit here and there, and it burned even more this time around. The next morning was the same as day four’s, minus the calling-my-dermatologist part! That night, it was time to use the evil yellow goo. As I slathered it on my skin got even redder, how this is possible, I don’t know. I wanted to scream it burned so badly. But I got through it. Day six my skin was not only flaking and peeling, I had layers of skin falling off of my face, again the creams burned to high heavens. That night was not very comfortable, either.

The morning of day seven (Today, Tuesday) was the worst of all, so far... Again, red skin, falling off of my face with an awful burning sensation. But this time, when I went to put my makeup on, I couldn’t stand it, I wanted to rip my face off. Running to the kitchen, I was fanning my face, I threw the freezer door open and stood there, with my head submerged into the cool, crisp air. This seemed to help, but it was still too much. I visited my dermatologist today to discuss what to do, and also, that there was no way I was going to prom on May 8th with red skin sliding off my face. She assured me that it would be better by then, and the side effects would be much milder. I told her that I have a really important event to go to on Thursday, the 29th, and she said it was safe for me to just use the cleanser, starting tonight, then use my Laura Mercier face cream and leave it at that. I could resume the Obaji after Thursday, and she said that they first week is the worst. This gave me hope.

Tonight, I did as I was told, just used the cleanser and my own moisturizer. It felt so good! I would quit the Obaji, but the before and after pictures of people who have actually completed the course is just too much for me to pass up. I hope that the first week really is the worst, and that it only goes up from here. Each Tuesday or Wednesday, I am going to update this blog and let you know how the previous week went. Hopefully, this will be the miracle worker I’ve been waiting for!

Let me know how you get your flawless skin in the comments, and I’ll blog to you guys later.

Bbyyyeeee! (insert wave here)


P.S. I wish I would have taken a “before” picture, but I’m not that smart. Also, this is not something I’d recommend buying online... you really need to sit down with an Obaji representative and make sure you get the right system for your skin type.

*I added that little part. Not quoted from the company :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Becoming a Night Owl

It’s 4:40 am and I’m as chipper as a squirrel when it finds a new acorn to add to it’s stash. Previously, I talked to y’all about my new found sleeping habits. Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since I had a “real” nights rest, except for last night, some how I managed to fall to sleep at 12, and wake up at 1 in the afternoon, the latest I’ve ever slept in... in my life! For the past 3 weeks I have been living off of 2-4 hours of sleep, killer migraines, and my skin might be turning a tad grey (a side effect which I am convinced I have, but no one else sees it.) Last nights 13 hour record-breaking deep sleep got me excited! I knew I was back to normal, and I could presume my old sleep schedule, no problem.

I’ve always been one to fall to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Never having to count sheep or daydream with my eyelids closed. Lately. this is not the case. I find myself tossing and turning until the wee hours in the morning, when I finally fall to sleep, simply out of exhaustion of trying to fall to sleep. I’ve tried everything, the sheep, the day dreaming, a warm glass of milk right before I climb into bed, lighting rose scented candles, benadryl, a soothing bath at night, reading a book... The list goes on and on. I believe these are just rumors that people say help them sleep, I can’t imagine drinking a warm glass of milk, which, by the way, seems like soiled milk to me, but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

One pro that has come out of this, is that it’s easy to do school work in the middle of the night, no noise is around to bother you, no one is walking in and out pestering you, it’s quite a relaxing state of mind. This is why I’ve turned to “I can’t sleep to save my life” time into school time. Getting that extra time to study really helps keep me ahead of my planned track. One con? I think my teachers would think I was insane if I submitted my work at 3:00 AM. Who knows... Maybe it’s common?

Anyways, I just wanted to write this quick blog update to let you all know how I’m doing, and ask if you have have any uncommon tips to falling to sleep, and staying asleep all night. (I’ve tried all the common ones!) Let me know in the comments, and I’ll blog to you guys later.

Bbyyyyeeee (insert wave here),


Saturday, April 24, 2010

prom night!

today's the day. the day that every junior or senior girl in my town wakes up knowing that it will be a memorable night that she will tell her grandchildren about. as she climbs out of bed and into the shower, she thinks to herself about her long dress, the jewelry and shoes she gets to deck out tonight. the manicure, hair do, and makeup application she is about to receive. the junior and senior girls in my town are excited about tonight, that's because tonight is prom night. a night to remember. i night to party. a night to have fun and let loose with your friends. it's also a day to pamper yourself and feel beautiful. tonight is prom night for every junior or senior girl in my town. that is, of course, unless your name is blair fowler.

oh, wait. that's my name! so what does that mean? yep, you guessed it. tonight is not prom night for me, because i am not going to prom. well, not tonight.

you all know that i am homeschooled now. so i don't have a prom. i could have gone to my old high schools prom, but i had to have a date, since i don't go to that school anymore. i was supposed to be out of town this weekend, so i just decided to skip it all together.

but don't forget, i do get to go to prom with jesse! remember? the guy who asked me over a youtube video. click here to watch his invitation. that prom is in connecticut on may 8th. and don't worry, i will be updating this showing you all my dress, (i already bought it, but i don't have it to take a picture because it is being altered) accessories, makeup, and hairstyle!

anyways, tonight is not my prom night, but for most of my friends.. it is! and since i don't have to spend time today getting myself ready, i have time to do their makeup! i have a full day ahead of me. from 12-1 dakota is coming to get made up. ashley will arrive at 1 and stay until 2. emily's "appointment" is from 2-3. at 3 hillary should be pulling into my driveway, and pulling out around 4. then last, but not least, is lori, who gets her make over at 4. i gave each girl an hour just to be safe and make sure that i have time to give them exactly what they want! and also, make sure they have high definition full camera ready makeup on!

you might think that i would be a little bit bitter about not being the girl getting all glammed up today, but i actually feel the opposite. i am so excited to be able to do their makeup. i love when i do a make over on someone, and you can just see their face light up when they look into the mirror. watch the flicker in their eyes when they catch a glimpse on the glass, window, or reflection in a tv screen.

so how do i prepare for doing 5 girls makeup back to back? first, i make sure that all of my makeup brushes are clean and that i have enough disposable mascara wands. if i knew what type of look they wanted, i would go ahead and get the makeup set out, but i have no idea! i also don't even know what skin shade they are right now (since so many girls tan right before prom. yuck! get a spray tan!) which means i can't even set out the foundation. this is another reason i alloted an hour to do each girls makeup. i also ask them all to wear a button down shirt or zip up hoodie, pretty much any top they don't have to pull over their head, which can smear makeup. and i have stocked my fridge with lots of non-bloating drinks, since no one wants to be bloated when there are about to be 2,000 photos taken of you! i got bottled water with the option of individual crystal light packets, green tea, a few different flavors of gatorade, apple and orange juice, and capri suns. i also had mom pick up some fruit, cheese, and crackers that they can snack on while i turn them into glamorous prom night elite. oh, and i didn't forget the gum and mints! if you are going to be that close to someone's face for an hour, you don't want a stinky stench breathing onto you the whole time!

i have also self diagnosed myself with mild insomnia. for the past few weeks i have been going to sleep extremely late, and i wake up super early! naturally! how does that happen? example. i climbed into bed at 11 last night, didn't fall to sleep until about 1 (the last time i remember glancing at the clock it was 12:40something) and i woke up at 3:30, unable to go back to sleep. i would have blamed it on being excited for today, except for the fact that its been going on for weeks, and i haven't been excited for weeks! so my conclusion is mild insomnia. my point of adding that to this blog is because i'm about to have to do 5 hours of makeup non stop... on 2 1/2 hours of sleep. the weird thing? i'm not tired. at all! i haven't crashed once since this started. i need help.

so it is not 7:57 in the morning and i am going to go jump in the shower, get my self ready, eat some breakfast, and await the arrival of my first prom queen ** in my eye's they should all be this years prom queen, along with my BFF lauren, but she's doing her own makeup. she's learned enough tips and tricks from yours truly ;)


btw, i am going to ask each girl if i can take before and after photos, and then do a blog post on it! cross your fingers that they say yes.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

stop and smell the roses

many of you know that i signed my baby yorkie, teddy bear, up for obedience school classes at my local petsmart. his first class was on a thursday and he learned to respond to "clicker training" and to sit. i was amazed at how quickly he picked it up! he was a natural. well, his second class we were going to work on "come." the trainer explained that we needed to put a leash on him, and that would help us teach him. i let her know that i didn't have a leash, but she said not to worry, she had one and a collar little enough for him. (btw, i know i'm an awful mother for not keeping a collar on him, he just hates the feel of them, and cries whenever i try to put it on him. it's not like he's ever out of my sight or anything....) so anywhos, we loop the collar around his teeny neck and strap the leash on, she gives me the other end of the leash and told me to walk him. well...... it occurred to me.. that i have never walked him on a leash before! i didn't know it was something you had to TEACH a dog to do. i was under the impression that you strap it on them and they walk with you. this, however, is not the case.

after the trainer/teacher learned that he was a very stubborn dog, and did, in fact, think he was the boss of me, she said we weren't going to work on come. we were going to train him to walk on a leash.

i thought this would be a simple task. it was not. he refused to actually walk and instead attempted to lie down with his four legs sprouting out from his body and he seemed to really enjoy being pulled across the slick floor. i thought this would hurt him, but the trainer assured me that as long as i don't jerk on the leash, and i keep a steady pace, he would be fine. he can either choose to walk, or be dragged along. so there i am, in the middle of petsmart, dragging my dog along the tile. he finally realized that walking with me was the better option.
my homework for the week was to take him on a walk in an unfamiliar place, a.k.a not my back yard, and walk him.

that was 2 weeks ago (i had to skip one week of classes for LA, then the next for my birthday.) i have taken him on a walk every day that i have been in town and i must say, he's getting pretty good at it. that is, until today.

this morning was just like any other morning. i woke up, took a shower, ate some breakfast, blow dried my hair, and decided it was time for teddy's daily walk. i decided today we would walk around the block and that would be enough. well, that was more than enough. first off, today he decided that he was scared, and he was very skittish of anything that moved, i.e. cars, people, birds, and leaves. i could tell he was getting tired and hot by the way he was panting, but i kept reminding him that there was a BIG bowl of ice cold water waiting for him at home. this seemed to keep him moving. until he decided to stop at the neighbors yard, and smell the roses. i am not kidding you. we spent 5 minutes letting him sniff each and every rose before he was content. or so i thought. he then proceeded to lie down on the bed of roses... and SLEEP! yes, sleep! closed eyes, heavy breathing. i mean, come on, i know he's got short legs... but it was 1 block. 1! i carried him the rest of the 5 steps home and gave him his bowl of water. he lapped it up like he had never been given a sip of the liquid gold in his life. i carried him to my room and plopped him on the bed, where he immediately went to sleep.

i would tell myself that a whole block is too much for his little legs to walk, except for the fact that he's walked it at least 7 other times with no problem, running even!

anyways, i decided that i would share this fun little blurp with y'all. maybe one day he will be strong enough to walk 2 whole blocks, but i highly doubt it. do you all have any fun doggie stories?! does your dog like smelling the roses? let me know in the comments. and i'll write to y'all later.