Monday, March 15, 2010

neutral color pop!

a makeup trend i’m loving at the moment is “the neutral color pop.” this is when you wear neutral eye makeup on the top, but then on the lower lash line, use a bold, fun color! the contrast is unexpected, and a fun way to use colors without going “all out.” i was going to do a tutorial on this look, but my sister elle already did one! you can watch it here.

instead of doing a tutorial, i decided just to do a blog post! how fun?! (i think it’s very fun!) anyways, the key to this look is having all of your makeup neutral- yes, lips included- then having your bright liner on the lower lash line. as you can tell, i used a green eyeliner for my pop of color. you can use any color that you like, or makes your eyes stand out. i love using green, purple, sea-foam, and turquoise.

steps to get this look!

i used my dulce cosmetics quad for eyeshadow. i applied it using a mac 239 brush, and a 224 brush. for eyeliner on the upper lash line, i used mac’s eye kohl in “teddy.” i chose the brown, because black is too harsh and will take away from the effect of the lower lash line color. i also used the l’oreal telescopic mascara to get long, bold lashes.

now the fun part! the lower lash line color. i chose green, because it really makes my brown eyes pop, and make them seem like a rich chocolate color. (instead of the color i like to think of them as, poo.) for the green eyeliner i used mac’s eye kohl in “minted,” and applied this to the waterline, tightline, and the lower lash line. don’t be afraid to choose a bold color! do a bright purple or royal blue!

for lips i kept it simple and neutral using mac’s lipstick in “myth.” afterwards, i went over that with sugerrimmed dazzleglass. cheeks were classic and a light rose. i achieved this with the dulce cosmetics muffin cake blusher in "04."

so there you go, a BLOG tutorial. i've never done one of these, but i liked it. i'm thinking i'll do it on days when i like my makeup and want to show you all, but it doesn't deserve it's own video. let me know what you think! i want you to do the neutral color pop, take pics, upload it to your blog, then send me the link!



Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 random facts

hey everyone. i wanted to write a blog post, but didn't know what topic to choose. of course, i asked twitter for help. lots of people said i should do a 5 random facts post, and i thought that was a fun idea. so here we go, 5 random, quirky, silly facts that you (probably) don't know about me!

fact #1:
something that i think i've mentioned before, but for some reason, everyone thinks i'm kidding... is that i LOVE to cook. baking is fun too, but cooking actual meals- ahhh i love it! my favorite one is breakfast. (even though i don't really even like breakfast foods!) i think my favorite part is the preparation of the food. in the mornings, i'll get up and stroll to the kitchen. i'll get all my ingredients out, and let's just say i'm making eggs. so i'll scramble eggs, toast some bread, butter the toast, cut the toast into two triangles, make a fruit salad, and pour a big glass of juice. then, i get out my honey suckle plate and arrange everything perfectly. eggs on the top left corner, toast beside the eggs to the right, fruit salad in a small bowl in the middle. then, i arrange it all at the table. with a fork, knife, and spoon (even if i'm not eating anything i need a spoon for, or fork... ect.) set the plate just right, the cup at the right corner, napkin on my lap. then dig in :) i like eating alone, that way... i don't hear people smacking their food... but more on that later! you might think it's lonely, but it's not! it's relaxing and gets me ready for a big day! BUT... i can only cook in a clean, organized kitchen. i hate clutter on the countertops, or everything randomly being thrown into a cabinet or drawer. i like perfection. that's who i am.
p.s. sometimes, when i cook for friends, they'll say they don't "trust" my cooking, and they'd rather just order something in. when i insist they eat what i cooked, they love it! not to brag, but i know what i'm doing. it really upsets me that people think i'm too idiotic to cook or prepare a meal, i mean COME ON!

fact #2:
animals have a sixth sense. some of you may believe this, others, may not. i am a strong believer in this statement. when i was in sixth grade (haha, sixth grade, sixth sense.. get it?!) i was diagnosed with e-coli 0157-h7. sixth grade had just started and i had moved to a new school, where i only knew one person. ONE! on thursday, the second week of school, i got a horrible belly ache. it was so painful i couldn't see straight, i didn't care what the teacher was saying, and just tried to get through the day without having to call home sick. (i mean, come on, it was the second week of school!) anyways, i dragged myself to my moms car when she came to pick me up and broke into tears. we decided i would go home and get in bed, if it got worse, i'd go to the doctor. the next morning i woke up... and i was fine! no, better than fine, i felt totally normal. i even asked if i could have a friend spend the night. mom said no, since i might still be sick. we dismissed it as a 24 hour stomach flu and decided i was okay to go to school. friday i felt fine, saturday i felt fine, sunday i felt fine... until night came around. the pain came back in the middle of the night and i couldn't sleep. mom sat with me the whole night, trying to get my mind off the pain, reading me magazines and telling me funny stories. when dad woke up he came into my room and told mom to let me stay home from school, and that if it got any worse, take me to the emergency room. mom left me in bed and went to go take her shower and get ready in case we did have to suddenly go to the ER. while she was showering, a white blob of fur strolled into my room. "OH NO!" i thought. you see, that was elle's cat, furball, he was a furry, white persian, and he didn't like me. he was known for attacking my ankles, and biting my elbows. my belly hurt so badly, i didn't want to have to deal with getting up, putting the cat out, and shutting the door. so i just crawled further under the covers, in hopes that he would turn around, and walk out of my room. he didn't. instead, he leaped up on my bed! then he proceeded to lay down right beside me, as close as he could get without being on top of me, and purr. he was purring?! what?! he always did this with elle, but i'm not a cat person, and i always believed that he could sense that. mom got out of the shower and came into my room, she was just as startled as i had been to see furball lying right by me. she walked over to me and was about to press of my stomach (to see if the pain had worsened) and furball snapped at her hand. it was about 5 minutes of trying to get furball away from me so that she could sit with me, but he was NOT having that. he kept purring to me, i felt as if he was trying to keep me calm, while he was hissing at momma. this was NOT normal, not at all. she decided i needed to go into the ER right then, when she said this, it was almost as furball relaxed around her (i know, i know, it sounds CRAZY!) as she helped me to the car, furball walked beside me the entire time. as if to make sure i got there okay. while we were driving away, i glanced out the rear window. furball was in the front window, watching us, he had a pleasant look on his face (which he never did around me!) and almost seemed to be smiling. this was way weird. that 15 minute car ride to the hospital was awful, every second the pain intensified, growing worse and worse. anyways...... to make an even longer story short. i got to the ER and they told me to pee in a cup. by this point i couldn't stand because of the pain, i had broken into a sweat and couldn't help the tears streaming down my face. i had my mom come into the bathroom with me to help me hold up my gown. (yes, a hospital gown, the kind that has a big slit in the back that shows your booty if you don't remember to hold it shut!) while i was trying to pee in the cup, i started bleeding. bleeding a lot! blood was pouring out of my body, YES, from down there! my bottom. (one of the many, NASTY symptoms of e-coli.) mom rushed out to grab some nurses and a doctor. from there it was a very fast blur- scans, cts, needles. i was in the hospital for 2 weeks (a story i might tell another time, but this one is already long enough)
mom and i truly believe that furball sensed something was terribly wrong with my body (lots of people die from e-coli. a little boy my age, in the town next to us had it just before i was diagnosed, and he passed away from it.) if it wasn't for furball, we might not have been in such a rush to get me to the hospital, and if we hadn't, the blood downpour would have happened at my house. with no one there to help us know what to do, or stop the bleeding. your body almost has so much blood, ya know?! you can't afford to loose a whole lot of it, like i was. so thank you, furball. oh! and RIP.
i know animals have a sixth sense, what do you think?

gosh... that's like a story out of a "chicken noodle soup" book. i need to learn to condense my stories!

fact #3:
most of you know that my first birth name is not blair. (which, yes, is what i go by in everyday life.) what you like to think you know, but don't, is that it is also NOT elizabeth. i have not gone by my first birth name for as long as i can remember. in my town, it's not strange or uncommon to go by a middle name or nickname. i've gotta admit that i let out a little chuckle every time someone will comment on a video saying "great video ELIZABETH," because they are obviously trying to be all clever, like they know the truth. when really, it's just plain silly and childish. elizabeth is my middle name, tho. oh, and i also never went by lizzy! that was the name of my teachers tarantula, no thanks.

fact #4:
paci, binky, bo-bo, or pacifier. what ever you'd like to call it. i preferred to call it a "babbi." and i LOVED me some babbis. i will let you all in on a little secret... i sucked on a babbi until i started first grade! i know, i know, embarrassing. but i loved them! for some reason i was obsessive about them. at ALL times i had to have one in my mouth, and at least one in each hand. mom said i used to hide all my babbis, then cry and scream because i didn't have any. so her or dad would rush out to the store and buy some. (i only liked one brand, and color) she said they would buy them by the dozen, because i was so reliant on them. when they would return home with the new babbis, they would give me a couple, probably 4 at a time. and i would snatch them all up, then go get the rest of them that i had hidden! i had a HUGE collection, well, that's what mom and dad told me. they finally made me give them up when i was starting first grade. they said i had to be a big girl. i didn't want to be a big girl. i wanted to have my babbis. but they took em all away, i was devastated for all of 5 hours. then i was fine. i think they let me help mom bake a cake, so i forgot about the babbis. mom said when she was moving houses and packing everything up, she found about 40 babbis in random places, in the bottom of a sugar jar (not one that we used! ew!) in the sofa cushions, stuffed into the back of drawers, EVERYWHERE! so yes, there is an embarrassing fact you didn't know! i loved my babbis till i was 6.

fact #5:
i have a problem. a problem that affects my everyday life. and that problem is-- chewing. i cannot STAND to listen to people chew their food. it is my biggest pet peeve! i can't even stress how much this bothers me. the worst part about it is that even when people know this bothers me, like my family, they try so hard not to make noise while they chew.. but i still hear it. i think i have super hearing, and it's awful. sometimes i can't eat dinner in the same room because i'm so agitated that day. i know it stems from my OCD, but it makes me want to rip my hair out, and slam my head against a wall.
oh, and slurping a drink, lets not get me started on that one.......

so there ya go :) 5 random, quirky, silly facts about me. if you wanna do this tag, write it up in your blog.. then send me the link! i wanna see what your random facts are!

Friday, March 12, 2010

that shiny, silver, pretty thing!

if you've watched my room tour, you would have seen my previous jewelry organization.... i had a pretty nice set up. i used mesh bookends (from office depot) to hold my earrings in. i poured my many rings into a glass cup, then my personal favorite part- i had a necklace/bracelet holder that i got in atlanta, ga to display my lovely treasures!

well, lots of you are now curious about the mysterious, silver chest that has suddenly appeared behind me in my newest videos. "what is that," you ask? it's a jewelry armoire!

i decided to get a new jewelry set up because, as you all know, i'm OCD. so always having my jewelry displayed forced me to concentrate on every necklace being lined up perfectly, every ring being "tossed" into the cup at just the right angle, and every pair of earrings dangling flawlessly in the light. you might think this wouldn't be a big deal- that it would take one extra second to hang your necklace right. i soon became obsessed with keeping the set up in perfect condition. i would wake up in the mornings, put my glasses on, get out of bed, and check to make sure my jewelry was still in the placement that i left it the eve before.
as you may guess, this became extremely annoying! so i started searching for alternatives to my organization.

last friday- mom got a coupon for pier 1 imports in the mail. it was 20% off, and it was only good for a few days. she said she didn't need anything from there, but that it would be a shame to let the coupon go to waste. i hopped in my car with the coupon in my purse and drove over to pier 1. i walked in and didn't see anything that i had to have. i was about to give up and leave when something caught my eye. something shiny, something silver, and something pretty. i walked back to the shiny, silver, pretty thing only to find an entire COLLECTION of shiny, silver, pretty things!

that is when i was introduced to the "hayworth" mirrored bedroom furniture collection. the entire set consists of a bed (headboard and footboard,) bedside table, bedside chest, vanity and mirror, vanity stool, lingerie chest, 4 drawer chest, and 1 more thing.... a jewelry armoire!

it was exactly what i was looking for. the price, however, was not. it had a $300 price tag on it.. i calculated that with my 20% off, it would still be $240. too much for me to spend on a whim. i guess the saleswoman saw me staring at the piece, because she walked up to me to tell me that i could get an addition $50 off if i bought the floor display, since there was a slight chip on the front. SOLD!

i dragged the very, very, heavy item out to my car, and it wouldn't fit in the trunk :/ determined to bring it home that night anyways, i propped it up in the front seat and buckled it in, just like a person.
45 minutes and 10 blistered fingers later- it was in my room, ready to be filled with my jewels. ("jewels" meaning my $4.50 plastics forever21 rings, lol.)

you may think that i would still be very critical about where i place the items and how it's organized, and you would be right, i am. the difference with this is.. the chest has doors that close and i can't see the items. they aren't sitting on my dresser staring at me, mocking me to make them perfect and beautiful. i can just shut the doors and, boom, it looks perfect!

anyways... that's what that weird silver chest under my "peace, love, twisted princess" painting is.
i understand that it doesn't match ANY of my furniture, but i'm hoping that in the future, i can slowly build my collection and have then entire hayworth set!

i'm wondering if you all are interested in me showing you - either in a video, or on this blog - how i organized the armoire?! it's got lots of drawers, and hooks, and such. if you are, let me know. and SNAP (that was me snapping my fingers, btw) it will be done!


p.s. kim kardashian has mirrored furniture in her bedroom (as seen on "keeping up with the kardashians") and i have been searching for an affordable line of mirrored furniture since i first saw her room! the bedside chest from the hayworth set at pier 1 is $399 - which yes, is a lot - but not nearly as much as the $2,000 some people are forking over one, very similar! coughcoughkimcoughcough

Thursday, March 11, 2010

hello, blogging world!

hey everyone! it's blair, juicystar07 and otherjuicystar07 from youtube. i decided that i needed to start blogging- coughcoughagaincoughcough- and my old blog's URL was too confusing (even i forgot it sometimes!) so i thought to make a new blog, and what better name to choose than my own?!

so hello, world.

this will be a great place for me to do OutfitOfTheDays and reviews on products that i don't want to do an entire video on. i might even do some silly, quirky posts that have nothing to do with fashion or beauty.. and everything to do with me just being me!

this will also be easier to keep you all in complete touch with my life, and what i'm doing, since twitter limits me to 140 characters! (who can sum up a good story in 140 characters?! not me.....)

anywhos... comment and let me know what you all want me to do blog updates on! any fun tags i can do?


testing, testing, 123!

this is a test :)