Thursday, March 11, 2010

testing, testing, 123!

this is a test :)



Sugar&Spice said...

YEY! comments working now! Would love to see OOTD's on your new blog!

Would love it if you checked out my blog and maybe even followed :)

sophie_bubs said...

woah; i didnt no yhuur last name was fowlar hehe; yhuu have such a nice name :D love yhuur blog :) bye x

grace said...

Hey Blair,
my name is grace I love watching your videos. your makeup and clothes are amazing!!
So over the summers me and my friends have been begining to make fun movies for no reason.
Last year our movie was about 4 girls who went to an island for summer vaction anD then they begin to get killed. I know what your thinking OMG!! What's wrong with these girls! Hahahah yeah we were just fooling around. It turned out pretty well though. Hahahhahaha it was really fun.

Anyway this year we are making another, it's gonna be a murder mystery. It's like the game clue if you have ever played it? Well one of the characters is a pop star. And I was wondering if you could do a look that reminded you of Hannah Montana Hilary duff you know? Pop stars!! Because I have no idea how to do her make up.
You can take your time and do it when ever you have the time.
If you could find so me time to send me an email back or even make a video I would probably get so excited I'd start to cry. I'm such a pathetic 14 year old aren't I? Hahaha
thank you so much you are amazing!!!!!


ps I don't why all my movies revolve around murder? Hahahahaha I'm silly :P hahhahaha thank you again!

eli said...

I hope you will put up some pretty good your sister...

Scarlett said...

Please check out my blog Blair! xoxo

Logan Paige said...

blair isn't even your real name, so it's obvious that fowler isn't your real last name. you could have chosen something better [:

Sugar&Spice said...

@Logan Paige - Why hate? Who cares if Blair isnt her real name ... if it bothers you so much DONT follow her blog! Get over yourself! She's doing NOTHING to hurt anyone, she actually makes people laugh and smile your just being plain MEAN! leave it!

:) x

kelsey said...

Hey Blair,
I know you read Dear John and i;m reading The Last Song now, so i didn't know if you are/going to read it before the movie?


Anonymous said...

Oh brother. Here we go with the name crap again. People, who cares what her name is? Whether it's Blair or not,who cares. Lady Gaga's name obviously isn't "Lady Gaga" and I don't see people making a HUGE deal out of it and making up stupid,immature pages talking crap about her and how that's not her real name along with other stuff that you guys think is "fake". Just knock it off,grow up, and leave her AND her sister/s alone about the whole name thing and all this other crap you guys think about them. As for BLAIR, you're a very talented girl! Keep doing what you're doing!!!

Lauren said...

Hey Blair! I would love it if you would do some stuff like you would on know like link cool places(sites)when they are having a sale or something :) Also it would be awesome if you did Blog Sales like the one Elle just did! Just some ideas!! I <3 your videos...and yes I am one of your younger viewers that isn't allowed to wear that much makeup yet, but I still love watching you :D


Anonymous said...

great!!!!nice blog honey... i like it ;O)

i follow you, i hope you follow me toooooo????

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

KISS ;*)

juicyjojo890 said...

arent you just copying elle with her twitter name ...

tinnnnna(: said...

Hi Blair !,

I think its great that your starting a blog. You are the absolute best.

Goood LUCK !(:

motled said...

loving your blog! YAY! :)

May said...

Hey Blair
It's so cool you have a blog now!
I watch all your videos & take your make-up advices. Sometimes I feel bad cuz I can't get some products you use cuz I don't live in USA. Anyway! I'm a super fan. Keep on the good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Blair
It's Popzo
I love to see your videos
I have blogger also (:
please come to see me sometimes


Anonymous said...

Hey Blaire! Okay not in a totally, creepy, stalker, kinda way, but I have literally watched every single one of your videos! Every night before I go to sleep, I whip out my ipod and watch them! As far as what's in them, you and Elle are the only two makeup gurus I watch, because I trust your opinions so much! Haha I don't even think about watching anyone else, because it hits me everytime, there's not many as knowledgable as you two(: Thanks for being so dedicated to your videos<3