Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where Have I Been?!

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I feel like I always say I will keep this blog updated with every intention of doing so, but it just never gets done. Normally, I thought updating this more than once a day would be overload.. so I would write a blog and save it for a rainy day (or a day where I didn't have time to type up a blog post!) Well, I realized that I never actually posted those filler blog posts. So I have a new approach this time...

1) Don't forget to update!
2) If I write more than one post a day, I'll put both of them up!
3) Uhhhh, that's all I could think of!

Anyways, I think that will work! What do you think? Now here is what I need from you... If I go awhile without updated this blog - tweet me, message me, or email me reminding me to UPDATE! I have so many things on my plate right now that sometimes I honestly just forget to write up new posts.

BTW, lots of you have been asking me to update about the Obaji Nu-Derm Skin Care line that I was in the process of using, and to be honest with you - I just couldn't handle it. I know they say you're supposed to wait out the six weeks.. but six weeks of my skin sliding off my face was just not going to cut it for me. I had to stop using that and go back to my Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System, which, by the way, has started helping again. Another thing is that I have gotten my first Isolaz treatment, and I'm going to get more! I'll do an entire post or video or something dedicated to that - because I think it might be the miracle I've been waiting for all along.

New posts coming soon :)


beeroyal said...

ahh hun thats okay if u havent updated... esp. on blogspot its tends to get tedious lol :)

Jocelyn said...

Would you reccommend the Clinique Acne system over the normal 3-step?

Love the idea. :)


Martha said...

I have used the Clinique stuff for over 2 years and I still hold true to it! I love you're videos, and blogs (I have been watching since January 2009) and hope to see more!

Anonymous said...

Your back Blair! YAY! I missed you so much on this blog! Btw, love the Snooki video!

( I even got inspired to do one too! )

Alexis said...

wow no comments? well anyway i think that would work and i'll try to remind you on updates

Anonymous said...

I tried an Obaji system too, it is just way too harsh.

i signed up to get isolaz! Thanks for the post :)

Under the Fluorescents said...

this layout is sooo much better! not going to lie the last one hurt my eyes :/ not that it was ugly it just literally hurt my eyes. i love blog posts! if you ever get a chance it'd mean the world if you checked out my blog :)

mila said...

This is my first time on your blog, but I think your reviews are great and stuff are great! I first heard of you when I entered the "Crush Your Style" competition at Sears, I didn't win (:() but I had fun making my outfit and taking pictures! I love fashion and style, I also have a blog.

Anyway, glad you're back to blogging! I'll be reading:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blair, thanks for the post, but would you please change the background color? the contrast hurts my eyes :(.
thanks again and have a nice day :)


here's an idea: if you don't feel like writing maybejust post an outfit of the day and list the clothes you're wearing.. :) that seems to take a lot less time to do! :)

if you're interested in fashion, gossip girl etc. please visit

rυnawayιnla. said...

Yay, you're posting again! =] Can't wait to see the rest of your posts! (:


Gaby K. said...

Hey Blair! If you ever want to try another skin regime, you should try Arcona skin products. They are totally natural and have helped me a lot. I had awful acne (I'm 23) and these are the first products I'm using that are actually beneficial for my skin, stop break-outs, and clear-up scarring.
Love the blog posts!

<3 Gaby

savie♥ said...

yay!!! blair is back!!! i love your videos and your blog but i was upset that you didnt update it for a long time!!! anyways i love the new background for the blog!!! it is so cute!!! how do you get such cute backgrounds for your blog?

love, Savanna

Pammy said...

Glad you are back to Blogging Blair. Great videos. Check out my new makeup/skincare/fashion blog! :) Pammy

Sinead said...

why aren't you using ur laura mercia stuff
luv ur blog :)

Dark Huntress said...

I absolutely love the background, it's sophisticated but still girly. Thanks for the post and it's completely understandable that posting can get forgotten sometimes, but your posts are really great to read!!

LeaM said...

Blair what about the Laura Mercier stuff? Your last skincare video uses that... Was it not good after a while? please do an updated skin care video or blog post!

Jade said...

oh blair honey. lol i just felt like commenting lol

Anonymous said...

Where is the Obagi update?

Anonymous said...

You should try adding Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate to your 3 step routine. It's great for unclogging pores! :)


Charliesperanza said...

Look how far you have come =]

I remember watching you maybe 2 years ago or so now, and now you are going to Fashion Week and all that! You and Elle got me into watching youtube =] Thanks for my latest addiction.

I pinkie swear and double promise to remind you to update. I like reading posts from both you and Elle. You should do an "ins and outs" post like Elle used to do. Those were cool.

I love the new background btw.


becky said...

thats awesome that youre posting again!!!! i love watching al youre videos but i have some suggestions:

2) Maybe do a recap of most of the important videos you do in a blog post.
3) When you move to L.A., maybe do once every 2 months or monthly meetups! (I live in L.A., and am dying to go to a meetup!)

Thanks so much for reading this.

BTW do you know what mall is closest to where you are going to be living in L.A.?

ShootingStars said...

Heeyy!! Love you!!

Check out my blog??? :)

Anonymous said...

Can you do a review on the clean and clear morning burst, please. Thanx

xoxox Drew W.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back! I always come to this page and think, why isn't she updating her blog?!? but now i see! Its OK! but i love watching your videos and reading your blog and tweets! Maybe you and Elle could do a meet up in other states like Ohio?

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the black and white background with the diamonds??? I have searched everywhere!! Could anyone help please???

Thanks for your time!

Great start to you blog blair!! I love your posts:)